Meet The Women In My Life – Part 5 – Tanya

Womens Month 2019 - Tanya Sibanda

Since International Women’s Day, (which was the 8th of March 2019), I’ve been sharing one interview a day.

To celebrate them, I’ve interviewed the women in my life to share their perspective on things. I included parents, siblings, cousins, aunties and even friends.

It’s no secret that we live in a male-dominated global culture and women are often at the shorter end of the stick, especially when they are more than capable to do what men can do in society, and often more! People are people, regardless of gender.

The coin does flip both ways so I look forward to doing one for the guys too.

Today’s interview is with my cousin Tanya…

My dream is to build an empire for my kids.

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International Women's Day 2019 - Tanya Sibanda


I’ve asked all the ladies the same questions and this is what they had to say…

Tanya Sibanda

Current location: Harare, Zimbabwe

Born in Harare, Zimbabwe

Tanya Sibanda - 38 - Service Advisor in the Motor Industry
Tanya Sibanda – 38 – Service Advisor in the Motor Industry

Hiya cuz, what makes you a woman?

What makes me a woman is the fact that I put the house in order. My strength, and having a forgiving heart.

Who is one of the women you respect the most and why?

The woman I respect the most is my mother and my gran too. They are the two in my answer because they have big hearts, humbleness and strength, and also for them bringing me up to be the woman I am today 🥰

Tanya Sibanda and her mother Abiba Omar
Tanya Sibanda and her mother Abiba Omar

If you were a man, what do you think life would be like, as compared to

If I was a man, I think I would do things differently compared to what some men do and I would love unconditionally.

What do you struggle with the most in life?

In life, I struggle most with the wrong choices I made when I was growing up. For example, falling pregnant at a young age. I don’t regret having my son at all 🥰 it’s just the fact I ended up being with the wrong people because I was looking for love.

But then my son is such a blessing to me and watching him grow up to be a young man is so overwhelming ☺☺

It’s no secret that the biggest mistakes we make are the ones that affect us the most. It’s these mistakes that have the most dire consequences, ones that are usually irreversible.

Tanya Omar - Sibanda
Tanya Omar – Sibanda

What do you enjoy the most in life?

I enjoy spending time with my kids. Watching them grow is priceless. They keep me going.

What one thing would you like to tell all the women out there?

I would like to tell other women out there that, no matter what challenges you face in this lifetime, keep your head up high, stand strong and keep pushing. Women are fighters and they never give up!!!

What one thing would you like to tell all the men out there?

I would like to tell men that us women are way stronger than they may think and women are able to smile, even though their hearts are bleeding inside… and we believe in love.

Tanya Sibanda
Tanya Sibanda

What is your dream?

My dream is to build an empire for my kids.

Anything else you would like to add?

Lastly my favourite statement: I don’t like the term HOUSE WIFE, I prefer House Goddess 😉🌻

Thanks Tanya xo

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