Meet The Women In My Life – Part 6 – Emelda

Womens Month 2019 - Emelda Omar

Since International Women’s Day, (which was the 8th of March 2019), I’ve been sharing one interview a day.

To celebrate them, I’ve interviewed the women in my life to share their perspective on things. I included parents, siblings, cousins, aunties and even friends.

It’s no secret that we live in a male-dominated global culture and women are often at the shorter end of the stick, especially when they are more than capable to do what men can do in society, and often more! People are people, regardless of gender.

The coin does flip both ways so I look forward to doing one for the guys too.

Today’s interview is with my aunt Emelda…

Female entrepreneurs are making a name for themselves and I celebrate them.

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Womens Month 2019 - Emelda Omar

I’ve asked all the ladies the same questions and this is what they had to say…

Emelda Omar

Current location: Gaborone, Botswana

Born in: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Emelda Omar- 48 - Branch Supervisor, Cummins Botswana
Emelda Omar- 48 – Branch Supervisor, Cummins Botswana

Hiya Aunty, what makes you a woman?

My strength of character, my knowing who I am and what I am to the different groups in my life. My love for solitude, my fierce temperament when faced with challenges… that is Emelda Omar.

Who is one of the women you respect the most and why?

The woman I respect the most is the woman who gets up every morning to earn her living to feed her family. In this day and age we see single parents, be it mothers or fathers who strive to give their families a better life.

Emelda Omar
Emelda Omar

If you were a man, what do you think life would be like, as compared to

If I were a man, life would be just as difficult as the goalposts would have changed.

Expectations of men is much higher in today’s world, whether it be in the work place or the family. I just hope I would be as strong and as loving as the husband I have today.

What do you struggle with the most in life?

I struggle with gender inequality.

A woman has to work much harder to achieve the same goals as a man in life. There is tremendous work being done whereby women are now being empowered in the workforce and in business as well.

Female entrepreneurs are making a name for themselves and I celebrate them, for it paves the way for our daughters to have a voice in the economic growth of our countries.

Emelda Omar
Emelda Omar

What do you enjoy the most in life?

I truly enjoy being with my family. Sitting around the table and having deep conversations about life in general. This is where we learn the true value of relationships and how respect plays a valuable part in our lives. Be it around the dinner table, where opinions are voiced and not always agreed with, but afforded the place where they can be spoken and not judged.

What one thing would you like to tell all the women out there?

Keep at it.. Attain those goals you set yourself. You are the only person who is capable of achieving it for yourself. Be the strongest you, you can be.

Remember to lean on other women, let them in so that you may become a strong network to grow and nurture the young, up and coming women in your community.

Teach our daughters the importance of being a strong person who knows her mind. Remember it takes a village to grow a child.

What one thing would you like to tell all the men out there?

Men, support the women in the community, be there for your families. Be role models to the young men growing up around you. Remember these are the fathers of tomorrow. Teach them to love and respect the women in their lives.

What is your dream?

My dream is to see a larger percentage of women inclusion in the male-driven workplace. I dream to have equality for women in that they have the power of choice to work in whatever field they choose without fear of discrimination.

Emelda Omar
Emelda Omar

Anything else you would like to add?

Work hard for what you believe in. Make your mark, leave a legacy worthy of who you truly are.

Remember you have every right to be here….

Thanks Emelda xo

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