Meet The Women In My Life – Part 9 – Jodi

Womens Month 2019 - Jodi Rogers

Since International Women’s Day, (which was the 8th of March 2019), I’ve been sharing one interview a day.

To celebrate them, I’ve interviewed the women in my life to share their perspective on things. I included parents, siblings, cousins, aunties and even friends.

It’s no secret that we live in a male-dominated global culture and women are often at the shorter end of the stick, especially when they are more than capable to do what men can do in society, and often more! People are people, regardless of gender.

The coin does flip both ways so I look forward to doing one for the guys too.

Today’s interview is with an incredible woman who is very connected to mother nature herself, Jodi…

There are still too many double standards and contradictory messages around the roles and values of women.

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Women's Day 2019 - Jodi Rogers

I’ve asked all the ladies the same questions and this is what they had to say…

Jodi Rogers

Current location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Born in: eShowe, South Africa.

Jodi Rogers - 38 - Life Coach & Author
Jodi Rogers – 38 – Life Coach & Author

Hiya Jodi, what makes you a woman?

There are so many attributes that make up being a woman. The things that come to mind for me are my body, my experiences, my emotional capacity, my cyclical nature and my innate desire to create and nurture life in its various forms.

Who is one of the women you respect the most and why?

It’s difficult to narrow it down to just one person…

From family to friends – mothers, grandmothers, aunts and the most amazing mother-in-law – I’m surrounded by incredible women who are kind, grounded, strong and courageous. I’ve watched in admiration how they’ve faced life head-on. They’ve been important role models who’ve made their lives an example of not just how to live fully, trail-blaze and bravely achieve various successes, but also how to rise above all of life’s challenges.

Jodi and members of her family
Jodi and members of her family

They are survivors who have overcome hardships, yet have still found the energy to positively impact their community and the people they share their lives with.  That demands a tremendous amount of respect.

If you were a man, what do you think life would be like, as compared to

I imagine that it would be easier to be heard or taken seriously in some instances. It would probably be easier to confidently own my space as well.

Women are traditionally taught to make themselves small, not to rock the boat or take up too much space. Even now, in a swiftly changing supposedly progressive world that emphasizes gender equality and women’s rights, there are still too many double standards and contradictory messages around the role and value of women.

We see this in the way women’s bodies and behaviour are still policed, while men are afforded greater freedom to do things without the same kind of judgement or consequence. The gender pay gap and corporate ‘boys clubs’ are an obvious example of this, as is the way we treat women’s sport as compared to men’s sport. That said, I’d probably earn more money if I was a man too.

What do you struggle with the most in life?

What I struggle with most is fear. Predominately the fear of judgement, failure and uncertainty. It’s taken me a long time to train myself to step forward, or to speak up or to take risks regardless of how scary it seems. The fear never really goes away, but the older I get, the more I learn to trust myself and the easier it becomes to summon up the courage I need to reach beyond the fear.

Regret is a harder price to pay anyway, so I’d rather know that I tried.

Jodi and her mother
Jodi and her mother

What do you enjoy the most in life?

I enjoy the feeling of being connected to the flow of life – the feeling of love, learning and experiencing of new things for the first time, sharing special moments with my soul sisters, the inner harmony of a soul soothing spiritual practice, traveling and exploring different places.

Life is never static, so I love knowing that beautiful possibilities always exist and that things can be completely different weeks or months from now. A year ago, I didn’t really know much about aerial yoga, yet in the last six months, it’s become my favourite thing. Aerial yoga is fun, therapeutic and I love that it has helped me to trust and build confidence in my body. In each class I find myself achieving something I didn’t think I could at the outset.

Jodi's new favourite pass time, aerial yoga
Jodi’s new favourite pass time, aerial yoga

I also enjoy having the personal freedom to do work that I’m passionate about. The work that I do allows me to bring positive energy, guidance and comfort to other women when they need it most.

What one thing would you like to tell all the women out there?

Value yourself. Know that you are worthy of the space you take up simply by virtue of the fact that you exist. It is important that you define your own sense of worth independently of roles and labels attached to you.

Also carve out time for self-care regularly. We are often depleted and burnt out because we overextend ourselves or put our own needs last. Many women feel that self-care is selfish and that is a belief that we need to shift. It’s a necessary part of preserving your well-being and sanity.

Jodi with her best friend Gugu
Jodi with her best friend Gugu

What one thing would you like to tell all the men out there?

Evaluate male privilege and the impact you have as a man…

How do you perpetuate gender inequality and devalue women in general?
How do you talk about women with your friends?
How do you treat women in the workplace or at a bar?
How do you approach conversations or interactions with women?
Do you create space for women’s voices on your platforms (especially women of colour)?

There shouldn’t be a need for women to ask for respect, it should go without saying. And respect isn’t enough. If you are complacent and not actively participating in dismantling chauvinistic narratives that silence, condescend to and violate women, then you are sadly contributing to the problem. I would like to see more men taking meaningful action towards creating a world in which women can feel safe, empowered and thrive.

What is your dream?

When I’m fit enough, I’d love to take time off to walk the Camino. I aim to create a healing centre that offers a selection of therapies for women to help them find balance, restoration and support through their sub-fertility journey.  I want to be a mother.

Eventually, I would love to move back to the coast, grow my own food and herbs, make my own natural skincare products and herbal teas, and to live 100% off the land.

Anything else you would like to add?

I spent seven years working in the environmental research and social development arena before taking a leap and becoming a healer/life coach and author instead. Scary transition, but easily the best decision I’ve ever made. I met the love of my life the day after my 18th birthday and we’ve never looked back. We’ve been married 10 years now. I’m grateful for every moment we share together.

Jodi and her husband Cyrus
Jodi and her husband Cyrus

Thanks Jodi xo

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