Meet The Women In My Life – Part 10 – Vanina

Women's Day 2019 - Vanina Lion

Since International Women’s Day, (which was the 8th of March 2019), I’ve been sharing one interview a day.

To celebrate them, I’ve interviewed the women in my life to share their perspective on things. I included parents, siblings, cousins, aunties and even friends.

It’s no secret that we live in a male-dominated global culture and women are often at the shorter end of the stick, especially when they are more than capable to do what men can do in society, and often more! People are people, regardless of gender.

The coin does flip both ways so I look forward to doing one for the guys too.

Today’s interview is with a talented woman I who only met last year and she is now working for my new record label. Meet singer-songwriter Vanina…

One of my dreams is that people could respect each other, not imposing their views, wishes and mandates on everyone.

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Women's Day 2019 - Vanina Lion

I’ve asked all the ladies the same questions and this is what they had to say…

Vanina Lion

Current location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Born in: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Vanina Lion - 39 - Singer-Songwriter
Vanina Lion – 39 – Singer-Songwriter

Hiya Vanina, what makes you a woman?

Whatever makes me a human, basically.

Who is one of the women you respect the most and why?

I respect everybody, male, female and everything in between. So for me it is more a matter of admiration. There are so many women who were brave enough to go through life as an equal to their male peers, who got an education, worked and raised a family, more than a century ago. I deeply admire them.

I also realized that I admire tons of female artists, with enough guts to go for it and live their dreams. Balancing all of their desires, taking risks and fulfilling obligations, all at the same time.

Vanina in action on stage
Vanina in action on stage

If you were a man, what do you think life would be like, as compared to

I think that men, just like women, are also still prone to living up to expectations. So maybe my life would be pretty much the same, but with other types of pressures. Like “success” measured in income, for example.

What do you struggle with the most in life?

I struggle to find a balance between personal and professional life. I know that balance is almost a Utopian idea, or that when it happens, it doesn’t last long. But still, I keep looking for it.

Vanina in the recording studio
Vanina in the recording studio

What do you enjoy the most in life?

I really enjoy making music and being together with my family. And sleeping in on weekends 🙂

What one thing would you like to tell all the women out there?

I’d say the same that I’d say to anybody… Don’t think gender, think human.

What one thing would you like to tell all the men out there?

I’d say the same that I’d say to anybody… Don’t think gender, think human.

What is your dream?

One of my dreams is that people could respect each other, not imposing their views, wishes and mandates on everyone. I dream that people took their time to get to know themselves, and to be free and courageous to go get what they want.

Vanina in action
Vanina in action

Check out Vanina’s website here

Thanks Vanina xo

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The African Alchemist (Documentary)

I'MPOSSIBLE The African Alchemist


A New Web Documentary Series Called I’MPOSSIBLE

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Season One

Just how much can one determined artist who lives out of a suitcase and has no home base do on their own?

Impossible is a mindset!

If you say you can, you’re right. If you say you can’t, you’re also right!

Despite the odds … #iAmPossible!

The first season focuses on my latest international tour that started in my native Zimbabwe, taking me and my guitar to 27 cities in 13 countries in the space of a year.

The episodes will delve deeper into the how, the where and the why!

The Drowning In Space tour (#DIStour) is in support of my latest digital single that was recorded in the magical Victoria Falls Zimbabwe.

This marks the 5th year in a row I have played in as many countries on each cycle, spanning 4 continents. All independent, without management, booking agents or any outside assistance in today’s over-cluttered music landscape where the industry only tends to get involved once you’ve landed on the moon in your own home-made spaceship.

Just how much can one determined artist do on their own? Quite a lot it seems …


I’MPOSSIBLE Preview #1 – Yes, We Speak English In Africa + Ethnic Diversity

Judging by the numerous conversations I have with people from all over the world, I had to start off by addressing common misconceptions.

I spend a lot of time having to explain why I speak English (which is my first language) and advocating the idea of a Zimbabwean Ed Sheeran or Zimbabwean John Mayer (Global Top 40/Pop Artist) as opposed to the clichéd World Music,  Afro-Jazz etc


I’MPOSSIBLE Preview #2 – You Can’t Build When You’re Always In Survival Mode

Despite my circumstances, one mindset I have adopted to help me achieve success is to not just be surviving… but somehow make sure I am surviving… forwards!

Life begins where fear ends

Never give up!!


I’MPOSSIBLE Preview #3 – The Snow Hath Returned!

After family goodbyes at the airport, it was time to hit the skies, starting with South Africa then moving onto Europe and Scandinavia… It’s cold in Scandinavia! Brrr!!


I’MPOSSIBLE Preview #4 – Zimbabwean Ed Sheeran

Like Ed Sheeran, I write pop songs, play acoustic guitar, perform solo whether it be in a pub, club or on a festival main stage, but instead of looping a beat or my voice, I play live drums with my feet (kick, snare, hi-hat) and sing my own vocal delay in real time, live.

Here’s what some more fans have to say about it…


I’MPOSSIBLE Preview #5 – Ibiza – The Kygo Effect

I love Dance music. I have released a Beatport-charting House single that was remixed by a few hundred producers and I would love to pitch my vocals to and write a single with Kygo, and a few other Dance Artists I digg like Coldplay, Calvin Harris, DJ Snake, Alan Walker, RudimentalAvicii, Roger Sanchez and Bob Sinclar.

I went to Ibiza to see if it could become my European base while I somehow work towards my dream move to the US.


I’MPOSSIBLE Preview #6 – The Dream Team

The #DIStour culminated in the US where I was based in my dream location of Nashville TN for the Summer. A town that I’d love to live in and assemble a dream team to keep this stellar rocket flying way past the moon!

Allow me to demonstrate some of why I love the US and its music culture…


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