Zimbabwean Hans Zimmer – Film Soundtrack Showreel


If you’ve known me a long time, you know that the first instruments I started on and love dearly, are the violin and the cello  

**Thanks to my non-private government high school, Prince Edward High in Harare, Zimbabwe, I took up the violin in the second term of form one (at 13 years old) and my first teacher was a lovely British exchange student called Roxana Saraby who got me plucking away on those strings very quickly.

(One has to start with plucking before graduating to holding a bow and getting that to make decent noises – it’s all very Jedi-like stuff) lol

Plus I’m left-handed and played them all right-handed (including guitars). It just made sense not to be facing the opposite way to the rest of the strings and violin section. It would look rather odd! Haha!

The boys would play soccer in the fields at break time and I would be up in the PE music room taking every moment I could to spend time with my new wooden friend which I couldn’t take home till I had proven my dedication to the project… which was easy!

It really was love at first sight!

Wolverine Violin
I drew Wolverine from X-Men and stuck him onto my violin!

** I say ‘thanks to my school’ as it is worth mentioning my family were nowhere near the income bracket to be able to send me for any music lessons which were usually private, or to buy a violin/cello, never mind afford to send me to the national conservatory.

By my first Eisteddfod as a beginner, I brought my school the only music Honours of that entire year, seniors included, which led to me getting half-colours just after turning 14 (still a school record in 120 years I believe). That meant I got to wear a snazzy new tie and had a special badge on my blazer.

At the next NIAA Eisteddfod, I was hit straight in the chest by the cello soloists who showed me what the 4 cellos sitting up in the PE music room could sound like! … just gorgeous!!!

We didn’t have any cello teachers so they had just sat there for years!…

Until that fine day!… it was an even stronger love affair this time! 

And so I took to teaching myself the cello, against the head of music’s strong advice. He was worried I’d mess up my violin technique… that didn’t stop me! In fact, I even used to skip boring old ‘Agriculture’ classes to go and teach myself cello using the tutorial books we had aplenty!

Needless to say my violin technique probably benefited from my understanding of the cello. Just like how today, being a guitarist only makes me a better bass guitarist in my opinion 

Prince Edward School String Ensemble
Prince Edward School String Ensemble, in my cream colours blazer right of centre.

It just went up and up from there, to full scholarships at the national conservatory for both violin and cello, playing in the Harare City Orchestra and much more.

My favourite film scores growing up would often be from Hans Zimmer who loves using strings in films like The Gladiator and of course The Lion King 

Today, I am very excited to reveal to you my latest film score which was composed and created to a film brief all in the same day.

There is much more of this to come and if you know anyone in the film world who would need my quick and detailed expertise, please do share it with them 

They may be film directors, music supervisors, film editors or people who work in TV, media or in marketing and advertising to mention a few.

Thanks for listening and sharing. Feel free to say hi if you have the time and thanks for being on the journey of a lifetime with me 

Wishing you all a superb weekend from my new home in Ibiza, Spain 

Singer-Songwriter // Multi-Instrumentalist // Composer // Music Producer

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